Lab picnic at Foothills Preserve

We had a nice end-of-summer outing — a picnic and short hike around the Foothills Nature Preserve in Los Altos, followed by ice cream. We’ve really enjoyed having Mirae and Zack with us in the lab this summer and hope they can find some time in their busy schedules to continue to help out in the lab once classes start. […]

Lab hike in Big Basin

Our first lab outing was a hike to Berry Creek Falls from the ocean side of Big Basin State Park. We walked 14 miles in near-perfect weather and enjoyed homemade ice cream sandwiches on the trail. On the way home we stopped in Pescadero for some artichoke bread and a look at some small (and very energetic) goats.

Microscope building starts

Nov 4th, 2016: Assembly of Microscope 1 finally begins, after waiting for renovations and supplies to arrive.   Here’s what the room looked like last month:     Now newly renovated, our optics table has been rigged and floated. Carly help move equipment into the new space. And Simon has assembled several beam expanders for each of the lasers.  They’re […]