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Gap Shadow Paper

Boundary analysis in cc14 of temperature effects is the data in which we see that the shadow and primary alone are even worse at high temperature (30C)  than at 22C.  The control is better at 22C and does not change … Continue reading

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Testing hb models

Implement Holloway model (see model_hb_bcd.m in Git repository). Modified model to use only a single promoter (not separate hb and bcd responsive promoters).  Changing binding site number still only effects sharpness of response to bicoid, does not reposition threshold.

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Summarizing hb models

Desplan et al and Ma et al biochemical analysis Desplan et al and Dostatni et al transgenic / enhancer analysis Barkai, Gregor, Holloway models Notes:  Hb reading Ma Biochemistry Paper (1996) by DNAse protection assay, less than 4x increase in … Continue reading

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