Fly Work

Give Perry vnd[D38] and brk[M68] gene deletion stocks.

Flip collection cages for MP11/CyO, MP3/CyO, sna[18]/CyO; MP10s, 2:30 P

Cross hkb::fog stock 1 x fog null virgins (10 vials) at 22C

Organize stocks for hb rescue to set up crosses over break
DBTG : (Sp/CyO; Pr/TM3,GFP,Ser)
DBTZ:  (Sp/CyO; Pr/TM3,HbZ,Ser,Sb)
DB hb[12]:  Sp/CyO; hb[12]/TM3,GFP
DB hb[D] : Sp/CyO; hb[D]/TM3,?

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