Journal Club: imaging through scattering media

Presented by George

  • Recent Nature photonics paper on scattering.
  • Imaging deep with a scattering medium … :

Intro: scattering

  • just want photons that hit target and bounce back, not the ones that scatter of tissue. Also don’t want to lose photons.
  • goal: isolate the singly scattered photons from the imaging plane. Image at large mean-free-path lengths
  • approach: time gating: select photons with only a certain time of flight.
    • and coherent wave addition


  • time gating – split beam, reflect of reference mirror, time return.
    • time resolution of 76 fs (11.4 um difference in path length can be detected).
  • some photons take same time as sample light but scatter off something else (possibly in more bounces).
    • incident wave vector is known, scattering from sample is known, cna distinguish
    • intefere with reference beam to seperate correct photons
  • can see much deeper than


  • how does this compare to AO (correcting just the photons that hit the target so they stay in focus).
  • A: probably not compatible given need to manipulate beam.
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