Grant review

CONTI grant evaluation

meeting organization

  • first: Tako Hensch, microRNA — AGO2 is imprinted
  • Lichtman then Dulac then us?

Bogdan Talk: Chromatin structure

  • ‘identical’ probably too strong for imprinted genes
  • one allele is 1.5-2x larger than the other in imprinted tissue
  • look at this ratio for non-imprinted genes (or same genes in non-imprinted tissue).
  • whose maternal whose paternal?
  • imprinting is highly tissue specific


  • too long (maybe 30 min?)
  • intro is good (CD). why is structure important at length scale of genes (interactions matter?)
  • cut the internal organization scaling laws.
  • quantification of multiple domains for interaction (within and between domains).
  • intermixing between domains needs a contrast.
  • XZ likes the schema of why dense chromatin is harder to transcribe.
  • conformation changes, cell-specific differences (single cell vs bulk).
    • kidney vs. brain validation (not)
    • show well studied example for which there is data (bulk).
    • large scale, single cell, 3D study. — imprinting in brain is 40:60 – is this per cell or only in average?
  • IGF H19 data
    • preliminary but intriguing difference between allele size.
    • mark what’s labeled (full cluster of H2 IGF)
    • link spidery domain to active (just say provocative similarity)
    • don’t mention loops


  • feedback to follow
  • use Allen Brain atlas to motivate one gene at a time. No correlation analysis
  • emphasize single cell resolution, high detection efficiency.
  • much too long.
  • less technical validation, more emphasis of the scale.


  • behaviors in general
  • instinctive behaviors — genetically programmed?
  • Genes known for behavior
  • The Medial Preoptic area of the hyothalamus: Distinct neurons active in the MPOA in different behaviors (Male infanticide, male parenting, male agreesion, male mating, female mating, female parenting)
  • many definitions of cell types: propose that many of these are governed by combinatorial code of genes.
  • RNAsin added to tissue to co-stain with antibodies.
    • differences in stains not so evident.
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