Monday 06/27/11

10:00 A — 6:45 P, 7:30P – 9:20 P

  • Discussion with Mounia and Jacques from Gordon Conference
  • Discussion with ML from Gordon Conference observations.  Set up priorities.
  • Progress Report.
  • Errors in data analysis for Espl, vnd double null embryo analysis.  Origin uncertain.
  • Found error in Espl vnd Null data analysis – stems from recording layer on which no image was found as last layer rather than the layer before this as last layer.  Fixed/committed/logged.
  • Rerunning at t .02 for comparison the MP06Hz data
  • Running Espl vnd Null data analysis.
  • Running MP07het_snaD data analysis.
  • Analysis of MP06-y data.
  • wrote l/r analysis code by fitting sigmoid (choose left or right zero) and using the threshold to base alignment.  (modified GenCode fxn_fit_sigmoid.m).
  • Implemented to align both snail and hb data between different embryos.
  • Age structure in cc13 hb data makes analysis difficult.  Steady state not reached for long.
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