Thursday 07/07/2011

8:30 A — 4:50 P

  • working on Plot_hb_data: match embryos based on endogenous gradients
  • Reprocessing MP09 data, the .05 for speed on wt is a little too high, causes some dot loss, drop to a more conservative .03 or .01.  Rerunning datasets MP09_c and MP09 (orig).
  • Need to remember top/bottom screening of images to make sure whole sample is scanned.  Try to build this in to Unsupervised Dotfinder?
  • Glotzblach et al evidence of non-random subtypes in heterogeneous stem cell populations.
  • Confocal sna2.8het and Hz rescue.  May have imaged hets previously, need to confirm.
  • working on sna_rescue_fig (in mRNA counting).
  • rerunning hb and sna data to match backgrounds / confirm levels… could use a more automated approach here.
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