Fly Work

hb[12]/GFP x DBTZ males and virgins Perry collected, need to sort and cross (in order to make hb[12]/TM3-LacZ line: crossed 4 vials, including 1 cross of orange eyed (just the DBTZ hsp w+?).

some 3/CyO; Pr/HbZ actually look okay.
11/CyO; Pr/HbZ flies in bottles.  Good for expanding to virgin collection and crossing to DB hb[D] line.

Check DB hb[D] line.  Flipped.

Flipped 3 flats of bottles in 2 hours.  5 more flats to flip, only one more flat of bottles in my labeled food though.

cleared and moved 2x MG-alphas and w;Sp/CyO;hb[D]/GFP to 18C for virgin collection, 7:00 P.  Also cleared all vials to remove parental males form fog x hkb:fog crosses.  (Need to screen for red eyed males no Bar eyes)

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