Fly work

Collect virgin w;Sp/CyO;Hb[D]/GFP
2x  MG-alphas

Dostatni will send: stock that has 4 insertions of the pnanos-Gal43GCN4-Bcd3’UTR transgene (1 on each 2nd chromosome and 1 on each 3rd chromosome).
Lab fedex account is closed.   Kevin will set up an individual account.

Request from Struhl lines HB82

or HB123 (from 1989 paper, Struhl, Struhl and Macdonald).

screen hkb:fog x fog F1s.  1 in 50 red eyed males (fog-/Y; hkb:fog/+). (possibly contaminate?)  how do we get all white eyed males if hkb:fog1 was is Hz ans w+?

Collect virgins 1:00A

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