Wednesday 02/29/12

9:45 A — 11:00P

  • Washing out O/N 4C antibodies from new protein stains
  • Flip Fly stocks
  • Flip vials and enter new GFP lines into fly stocks.
  • Start expanding Gal4 bcd-3′ UTR (to try crossing into PcG RNAi lines.  will need lots of virgin females for this line to work).
  • Cut 2 slides of a couple sections of Dm01 multi-labeled embryos.
  • Day 2 of protein stains.
  • confocal check of new Pc and Hb Bcd stains.
  • Hb Bcd slide has same apparently PcG bodies as Bcd slide (not surprising since treated side by side).  Need to repeat.  Hb weak but detectable.
  • working on STORM analysis code: automated scripts from matlab (in place of Python scripts)
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