Wednesday 07/04/12

12:30 P – 6:45P, 7:45P – 10:10P

  • wash out primary antibodies.
  • dispatched old reserves of dilute, reused primary antibodies.  Moved new batch to freezer.  Will test stain later — should preserve better for one extra round.
  • Test DNA-FISH probes.  centromeric repeats seem to give good nuclear dots + nuclear background before washes.   Haven’t checked post-wash.
  • Oligo-FISH gives weak nuclear background, maybe dots, can’t distinguish well (try confocal and post-wash?)
  • Can’t see 488 BAC (1 and 7) probes, should try confocal, 488 not good for wide-field imaging.
  • 3x Mat Gal4 not growing well.  Moved bottles to 21C, maybe 25C too much stress.  Should still flip.
  • working on snail
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