Wednesday 02/25/12

10:00 A – 7:30P, 8:50P – 12:15 A

  • checking sna-y counts.  Rerunning analysis scripts on MP10 and MP05 data
  • seems to me MP05 have more counts than MP10 in both 2012-02-17 data and 2012-06 and 2012-05 datasets.   Not consistent with rescue observations or previous characterization, labels maybe switched?  should repeat?
  • KE rehydrated embryos for new in situs in 70% EtOH and used 70% EtOH for the move to xylenes.  Embryos clump awkwardly.  Attempting to save in situ by transfering to 100% EtOH and repeating xylene treatment.
  • request from Bio Phys J for review.
  • Trim for sectioning, embedded embryos:
  • yw (unstained, no GA fix)
  • K27-controls
  • Pc-647 Pc-GFP cntrl
  • Pc-750 Pc-GFP cntrl
  • centromere-647 STORM
  • Sectioned embryos:
  • Pc-647 Pc-GFP cntrl
  • yw (unstained) — etch and use for FISH on coverslips.
  • Observations: thin short sections make much better ribbons.  some issues still with water clinging to knife.  left half has two very small burs that cut ribbon into pieces.  Center left has a larger bur which creates abberations in cut section.
  • write letter to editor for NSMB, send to Stas
  • # Set up new Pc and yw cages!
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