Monday 07/30/12

9:50 A – 5:00 P, 9:30P – 10:45p

  • Jiang lab meeting
  • difficulty connecting to notebook
  • 710 confocal all sessions canceled, new 780 being installed this week.  Requested training on ELYRA which also has a 710 (and maybe a programable stage?)   Planning Thursday to attempt imaging sequentially / by hand on 700.
  • revising text for snail kinetics paper
  • processing confocal images of last weeks’ in situs.  Judging by 405 stain, rb 750 didn’t work.  Also didn’t work on STORM images of H3K27-cntrl samples
  • R&D anti-m antibody is designed for multi-label against rat and is preabsorbed against rat IgG.
  • Ligations of 5 of the new probes templates transformed into bacteria.
  • KE fixing embryos (Pc and yw) 2-9hrs.
  • 4 new bottles of yws from O/N collection
  • KE Testing Jackson rat-488 for background dots and rb-750 for function (labeling H3(?-confirm with KE)).
  • Meeting with Ting and Xiaowei Wed.
  • New fly crosses: Psc shRNA1 x 3x mat Gal4.  Pc shRNA2 x 3x mat Gal4 appears to be lethal from early inspection, no crawling larvae visible yet but good number of eggs.  Will re-inspect over next 10 days.
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