Wednesday 08/01/2012

10:10 A – 7:30P, 8:20P – 10:45P

  • Flip collection cages.
  • Meeting with Ting and Xiaowei.
  • KE miniprep cg5… cg10… and bxd samples.  lab colonies did not grow in liquid culture?  Sent samples for sequencing.
  • STORM of Pc6_cntrl
  • Label new dk-rb-750 and dk-rt-488 antibodies
  • Successful 3 position STORM run on Pc6.  Second (intended O/N) STORM run starts overwriting 1st run.   Restarted.  Hal then freezes on movie 5.  Restarted run again.
  • Sequential imaging of snail-promoter BACs using Zeiss 700.
  • Rewrite to Dave/HCBI about ELYRA 710 use.
  • DNA FISH at 1:3 dilution with BAC probes:
  • Staining centromere labeled embryos with Dm01 and H3K27me3 (see if this works after GA fixation.  Not sure status of separated embryos).
  • KE fix embryos (2-8 hr).
  • Reduced confocal scan step size to from .25, to .2 to .15 to correct for lens expansion / z-drift errors.  (trouble with sequential imaging).
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