Harvard FAS research computing

  • Currently configured on Tuck:
  • copy OpenAuth path files onto Tuck (now in GeneralSTORM)
  • Launch OpenAuth
  • Launch XLaunch use connection 3 (Yari is using 1 & 2).  Shortcut in GeneralSTORM folder.
  • Launch Putty, use saved mysettings connection (default Xlaunch connection 3 and correct host name).
  • login with user name, no caps, password, and verification ID (upper right corner of screen, green box.  ID# keeps changing every few seconds)
  • Introduction to using Odessey cluster: https://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/training/intro_cluster/
  • domain is /rc/username not /seer/.
  • Also useful, introduction to UNIX https://software.rc.fas.harvard.edu/training/intro_unix/latest/#(2)


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