Sunday 10/21/12

11:00 A-3:00P, 7:00P – 9:40 PM

  • upgrade linux laptop to 12.10

Review writing

  • reading /re-reading recent literature
  • White/Barolo/Cohen paper
  • He / Sinha model
  • see post


  • Rinse out probes from DNA FISH (probes saved – green box)
  • Rinse out probes from RNA FISH (probes saved – yellow box, ‘dilute probes’)
  • 15 samples blocking before primary antibody, 7:10PM
  • incubate in primaries O/N. (see previous post for listing)
  • Thin sectioned embryos reveal there is clearly an antibody-tissue penetration limit to the amount of signal detected.  Try longer incubations with this round of staining?  (secondaries O/N, tertiaries O/N).
  • Fix embryos, 1 -10 hr collection MTDs, fixed in DFISH fix mix (2 day old).
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