Monday 10/22/12

9:20 A – 8:30, 9:30 – 11:10PM

  • Flip collection cage
  • take embryos out of 4C, final hour incubating at RT before washes.
  • snail in situs Draq5 stained and mounted
  • STORM / section in situs / DFISH all in secondaries at 4C O/N for greater penetration.

  • Working on review article.
  • Literature scan from rss feeds.
  • Francis lab meeting
  • see recent work by Bickmore lab on hox complex condensation (see Mendeley).

DNA FISH probe making

  • new PolI DNAseI from Promega arrived.  Creating Nick translation mix and calibrating with test DNA (BAC7).
  • autoclaving glycerol to make new mix.  (also autoclaving new LB)
  • Running out first sample on gel.
  • no sign of template DNA or smear of product DNA. Too much DNAse.  Need more Pol1 and try again.

Starting cell culture experiments:

  • Plate S2 cells, grow O/N in 8 well slides.  Fix tomorrow for DNA centromere FISH
  • Plate S2 cells, grow O/N in 8 well slides.  Fix tomorrow for RNA FISH



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