Saturday 11/03/12

10:45 A –


  • Write BJ review
    • Drosophila PWMs TF binding motifs FlyFactor
    • Ecoli TF binding + PWMs here (might be something better)
  • Finish first draft through of enhancer integration section.  On to promoters next.

DFISH on cell culture

  • remove probes and re-freeze for reuse
  • test on Turnkey staining.  Looks good in well 1 and 7.  Unless the probe has evaporated from well 8 and recondensed in the other wells, the DNA FISH in cells appears to be working.  Pretty easy protocol, shoud repeat without the positive control just for test (or add leave a no-probe negative control again).
  • post-hybe washes

Fly work

  • Flip collection cages, 6:15 PM (sim, MTD, and 3 cages MTD x SCM).
  • No virgin collection.

 Embryo staining

  • wash out secondary antibodies.  
  • Block
  • stain with tertiary antibodies O/N, 4C
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