Tuesday 12/18/12

11:00 A -7:30P, 9:15P-9:55P

Cell culture

  • S2 cells in chamber wells too overgrown
  • S2 cells in 75 cm^2 plates, in need of passage
  • s2R+ in chamber wells look good for fixation.  Not too spread out despite polyL though.
  • S2R+ in small plates and in 75 cm^2 at low density — hopefully reach confluence in time to spin down and freeze before break.
  • Kc167 much closer to confluence.
  • setting up for freezing
    • S2:   Jr. R3-Level D, row A
    • S2R+: Jr. R3-Level D, row B
    • Kc167: Jr. R3-Level D, row C

Fly work

  • # Flip at least some of the candidate, balanced recombinants, eliminate double balanced flies from candidate stocks to ensure mutant gene is not lost.
  • # Flip fly stocks

Cell labeling

  • Testing Hp1 antibody labeling pattern in STORM dependency on dye choice
  • Testing new antibodies in cell culture.
  • Cells fixed for 20-25 min.  Should compare to 5′ fix.    Top rows sodium borohydride (in ddH2O) treated for ~2 min.
  • [spreadsheet 0AjSqkxgziU1YdG90a29UaU5ua1FLUXZ5LTFmM1pMSlE sheet=9 602 202]

Embryo labeling

testing antibodies


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