Friday 01/02/2013

9:45 A – 7:15P, 8:30P – 10:40 P


  • Record z-calibration curve for STORM3
  • Finish O/N run of Fab7 on STORM3
  • Finish O/N run of BX-C embryos on STORM2. Ideal focus plane not matched between regions (this can be custom specified / modified in the xml file produced by Dave. Should try to fix focus issues next time).

Sort data-copying

  • Delete _inv from Alistair7, now on Alistair5.
  • Alistair5 and Alistair6 now completely full. All active projects on Alistair7 or 8.
  • Move 2013-01-24_BXC from Alistair8 to Alistair7
  • Copy data from STORM2 to Alistair7

Embryo labeling

  • BX-C in situ (round 2) day 2: light hot wash 55C, 15 min
  • Now in 4C in SSCT awaiting imaging.
  • Embryo protein label check staining. H3K27me3 looks good.

Cell labeling

  • mounted En-locus DAPI, 500 kbp DAPI and AATAT control DAPI slides
  • mounted 500 kbp / DAPI / H3K27me3-750-Abcam / Cy3B-Dm0 labeled cells.

Fly Work

  • et up MAT crosses for all remaining shRNA lines.
  • Flip shRNA lines
  • water rescue crosses


  • shadow model for Stas

* # Rewrite draft of review in more Biophys J appropriate format.

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