Sunday 02/10/13

10:30 A – 11:35 P


  • Finish O/N STORM run of Fab7
  • running new chromatic 3D bead calibration (more positions, slightly narrower z-range)
  • check out Hazen’s new Zee-calibrator — (looks like in progress viewer for data-fit curves). Doesn’t show molecules themselves insight style.
  • record new z-calibrations for data fitting

Fly Work

  • Flip collection plate on Scm collection (from O/N): 14:45 hr collection. Aging embryos on desk
  • Collect AM esc and Mat alpha tub virgins
  • move bottle 2 of esc to virgin collection 17C (first fly just emerged)
  • all parentals cleared out of first 3 test crosses with mat-alpha tub. F1s about to emerge — cross these at 29C and score fertility.
  • Fixed 2-16 hr SCM shRNA embryo collection
  • Fixed 4-6 hr Scm shRNA embryo collection
  • 1:30 – 4:30 PM SCM shRNA embryos aging on desk.
  • PM virgin collections at 8P.
  • Fixed 5-8 hr Scm shRNA embryos.
  • Flipped collection cage (11:15 PM)


  • continuing work on new chromatic calibration approach.
  • see git commits for log.
  • seems a prime obstacle is extra beads due to jitter in fit, should increase linking size.
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