Sunday 03/24/13

11:30A – 5:00P, 6:30P – 8:15P


Overhauling all file loading for STORMrenderBeta

  1. Single Bin files
  • Loaded through open menu (or toolbar)
  1. Multiple Bin files, manual select
  • Prompts user to find a chromatic warp file
  • Allows warp dimension to be changed
  • Allows global drift to be changed
  • Preferences are updated in the global LoadOps structure.
  1. Multiple Bin files, automatic select

Add overlay

  • difficult to figure out how to ‘keep’ contrast settings on overlay, since a new overlay has to be recomputed and contrast was determined as a relative value. Will need some thought.

Other experimental coding

  • Experimenting with command line adaptive building of figures (create a panel and add radio buttons to as new channels are uploaded).

Embryo work

  • flip Esc cage, ~11:30A
  • Collect O/N Esc embryos
  • Fip Esc cage, 8:00PM

Embryo Staining

  • labeling Esc embryos (from 3-15 hr collection and 6-18 hr collection) with anti-UbX and anti-AbdB
  • staining in secondary (m-cy3B) O/N at 4C
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