Sunday 03/03/13

10:00A – 1:00P, 6:00P – 7:45P, 9:00P – 11:00P

Embryo Section staining

Control test with AATAT worked.

basic protocol

  • No 92C pre-denature
  • 60C 25 min
  • minimal cooling gap. Add probe to slide, drop coverglass on, seal
  • 94C heat-block 2.5 min denature
  • 37C O/N incubation
  • cold 2x SSCT wash (45 min).
  • label with DAPI, check. works!

Try post labeling with AbdB

  • 1 hr block (using Colenso’s Donkey serum at 1:5 dilution. should confirm this)
  • 1.2 hrs primary
  • quick block
  • 2 hrs secondary
  • PBT rinse in coplin jar
  • check staining: DAPI / cy5 channels intact, no staining at all in Cy3 and no background. (might have been the serum?)

Try post labeling with RNA in situ probes:

  • 50:50 PBT hybe solution in incubation chamber at RT
  • 20 min at 42C incubation chamber in hybe oven.
  • en-bio, inv-bio, AbdA-dig, Abd-B-dig.


  • chromebook remote desktop powerpoint / impress display: Changing Monet primary display to 1360 x 768 at view full screen on chrome when gives best screen filling presentation when centered (moving mouse to edge of screen will still browse out a larger space, presumably because of monitor 2. Unplugging monitor 2 also helps.
  • hold down windows + tab + p brings up a screen selector. Shame chromebook has no ‘windows’ key.
  • Can indeed select “show desktop only on 1” This works best.

Coding To do

  • Can we make STORM-render resizable?
  • will this work with adding buttons? — could add a get position command for the parent box.
  • Just need to set units to relative after the object has been placed using the chosen units system (e.g. characters).
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