Wednesday 03/06/13

9:50 A- 6:00P,

9:00P-10:00P (remotely)


  • receive and freeze Jeff’s CustomArray order
  • configure Windows Backup to backup onto Drive D.
  • Contact co-organizers about setting up Speaker’s List, Talk Titles, Activities Page, Transport Page.

Embryo Work

  • Flip Esc collection cage, ~11A
  • (all other collection cages frozen last week).
  • Fix embryos, 2-16 hr collection.


  • Request from Netherlands to try out STORM code
  • Check with Fang Huang about sharing GPU based rendering code
  • set up discussion with Jeff about code sharing

STORM analysis

  • Alistair8 now reading fast on both Tuck and Cajal. Number of simultaneous jobs does seem to substantial hinder analysis rates.


  • working on restructured Tx review
  • separated out Tx Review and Shadow Models Letter
  • Downloaded TeX style format sheets for BiophysJ


  • Start laying out slides for Friday’s meeeting with XZ.
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