Reorganizing Protocols


  • version managed protocols
  • Protocols page directs to most recent version of the protocol
  • Most recent version of protocol is linked to all previous revisions, and can be diff compared
  • Day-to-day implementation of the protocol permalinks the version as it stood on that day


  • All protocols live in the Protocols folder on my desktop
  • The protocols are written in Markdown. I use MarkdownPad 2 on windows as a Markdown editor.
  • This folder is managed as a git Repo and synched to Github through the windows local Github GUI.
  • Permalinks are copied from Github by selecting Commit, selecting the protocol (which shows the source code), then clicking View File, and copying the html address. There should be a unique ID tag in the URL. e.g.
  • Most recent copies are linked from Github by selecting the protocol from the main repository page. There should be no unique ID number in the URL, e.g.
  • Images in the folder get automatically uploaded to Git (Keep these small!) Their git page can be copied and used to paste images into protocols ( Be sure to use the raw view for images.
  • For larger projects it would be better to push images to a hosting source like Flickr and link the web-address.
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