Notes for deep sequences of libraries

  • Bauer Core equipment training

option 1

Amplify sublibraries
* Buy NEB DNA kit, end repair
* blunt end ligation


  • PCR primer
  • gel-extraction
  • Qubit concentration (nanodrop?) [optional]
  • BioAnalyzer at Bauer Core. [optional]
  • qPCR, dilute sample a few times. By Illumina qPCR kit from kappa.
  • Mx3000p (less used) qPCR machine at Bauer core. On every sublibrary with my index.
  • use this concentration to dilute to 10 nM single strand. Combine and submit.
  • (triple measure of concentration).
  • low complexity sequence problem for reader.
  • which primer gets read from.
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