Wednesday 09/18/13

9:15a – 11:30p


  • working on BIRS workshop report (9:15a- 12p)

Probe making / training with Bogdan

  • test PCR from yesterday
  • common primer concentration was a bit low
  • gel didn’t fully dissolve, might have affected gel running:
  • BBblackPCR
  • Repeat PCRs. Repeat Gel. Looks good. Negative control is clean
  • BBblackPCR2
  • nanodrop concentrations


  • BXC-embryo imaging
  • good staining, good morphology, some very clear anterior / posterior differences. More subtle early embryo differences.
  • hand imaged ~15 embryos


  • improving massive primer design analysis — needs to be paralyzed for BLAST to large genomes.
  • code is BuildOrthogPrimers_130919.m running overnight now on HumanData. Uses new function BLASTbatch.m
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