Monday 01/27/14

9:45a – 11:55p


  • Group meeting, Jeff presents (see protected notes)
  • Journal club (see notes)
  • Meeting with Ajaz, get antibody
  • Meeting with Brian B, discuss figure
    • put chromatin loop image last as speculative difference
    • for main figure, combine replicates in cdf plots. Put KS tests on plots
    • Also combine replicates in bar plots, put Wilcoxon/Mann-Whitney stats on plots
    • open with a couple images of each region just showing photon differences.
    • all background levels analysis move to supplement
    • replicates as separate bars and curves, move to supplement.

ChromatinCropper Analysis

  • z-warp map needs to become a parameter that gets saved with the data
  • analyzing more black chromatin data. basically finished black series.
    • F01 has pretty high background and should be repeated. I tried several analyses to see if I could get the background to intefere less with the volume measurements.
    • F10 has pretty low signal density and should be repeated.
  • see snapshots of progress
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