Monday 03/03/14

9:30a – 12:05a

Project 2

  • Out of disk space on Tuck and temp drive.
  • analyzing data, team meeting, writing new code, and more stuff: see project post.

The little things

  • passage Kc cells, replace cell media
  • make new STORM imaging buffer

Ph Project

  • image all negative control coverslips on STORM2
  • two fields of view per condition. 50K frames in general.

File shuffling

  • (delete from source folder after transfer is complete).
  • 2014-01-09_PhM from ProBox1 to ProRAID
  • 2013-12-28_PhWtPh, 2013-12-29_PhMPh, 2013-12-31_PhWtPh from ProBox6 to ProRAID
  • 2014-01-30_PhMPh and 2014-01-30_PhWtPh from AlistairRAID2 to ProRAID
  • let’s consolidate all Ph project folders onto ProRAID instead of the numerous proboxes and AlistairRAID2. Recently added chromatin imaging data on ProRAID can move to appropriate chronological record on ProBoxes
  • need to clean up ProBox7 and need to clean up 2 color images — including the Ph data.
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