Tuesday 03/04/14

8:30a – 9:45a, 2:00p – 11:45p

computer stuff

  • Copying files extremely slow. 335 Gb copy from ProBox 1 less than half done
  • computer seems to have taken the night off. Splitdax was on like 115 of 136 at midnight and is now only on 128 of 136.
  • canceled
    • 2013-12-28_PhWtPh, 2013-12-29_PhMPh, 2013-12-31_PhWtPh from ProBox6 to ProRAID
    • 2014-01-30_PhMPh and 2014-01-30_PhWtPh from AlistairRAID2 to ProRAID
  • still copying 2014-01-09_PhM from ProBox1 to ProRAID. extremely slow. This folder needs some splitdax action too.

(cross-country skiing, 9:45a – 2:00p)

RC computing

  • Bug fix: remote queue commands need to begin with #!/bin/bash not #!/bin/bash/.
  • Fixed cufflinks file


    #SBATCH -n 1

    #SBATCH -t 1440

    #SBATCH -p general

    #SBATCH –mem=6000

    #SBATCH -o /n/home05/boettiger/out

    #SBATCH -e /n/home05/boettiger/err

    module load centos6/cufflinks-2.1.1.Linux_x86_64
    cufflinks –max-bundle-frags 90900900 -G /n/holyscratch/zhuang_lab/boettiger/gencode.v18.annotation.gtf /n/holyscratch/zhuang_lab/boettiger/IMR90.sam > /n/holyscratch/zhuang_lab/boettiger/outputCufflinks.txt 2> /n/holyscratch/zhuang_lab/boettiger/errorsCufflinks.txt


  • Found Bug!! props2D.mainArea*pixelSize should have been props2D.mainArea*pixelSize^2! For the most part this should just be a linear rescaling of the data.
  • fixed bug, reran data. As expected, more-or-less a linear rescaling. Some adjustments due to sparicity of localizations results in minor relative shifts.
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