Monday 03/17/14

9:45a – 8:00p

Computer Maintenance

  • security updates on Cajal + reboot
  • security updates on Tuck – reboot postponed due to users still analyzing data
  • write to CDW about
    • is this software or just a number: 2012 server
    • why 2 versions of remote desktop licenses. What’s the difference?

Data processing

  • not all F12F11 data finished analyzing before files were split and deleted? Analyzing splitdax files on Tuck. — remember to reset region of interest for 256×256 on split files.
  • still splitting multi-color data (will be running another 4 days or so probably)
  • 140316_L3E7 data successfully split and averaged during acquistion, (yay!), now fitting data on Cajal
  • run all basic analysis / plots on 140316_L3E7 data
  • splitting 140313_L3E8 data
  • run TimeAverageMovie on ‘L:\140313_L3E8\splitdax\’
  • run dot fitting analysis on ‘L:\140313_L3E8\splitdax\’
  • run CopyAndAnalyzeOnArrival on 140317_L3E7 data

Chromatin Project

Data analysis

  • ChromatinCroppin’ the F12F11 data


OligoPaints Project

  • cy5 on DNA stats
  • from movie recorded by Hao last year.
  • re-ChromatinCropped S3 (405 + secondary), S1 (secondary), and S4 (2x cy5) data



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