Installing Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard on Cajal

Step 1: Configure Local Server.

  1. Select Local Server from the Server Manger Display
  2. Rename the local computer to the name you want to appear in network discovery. You will not be able to change this after domain configuration!
  3. Change time zone if necessary.
  4. Turn on Automatic windows updating. Install updates if necessary.
  5. Deactivate IE Enhanced security for administrators. Otherwise basic web browsing requires 5-50 confirmation clicks every time you want to search or open a new page. This probably only applies to IE, but simply to download Google Chrome from IE with this on took over 100 mouse clicks.
  6. Activate Windows in the server options menu. This will ask for your windows key. You can get this online from the same site where you can download the server iso
  7. install the NVIDIA graphics card


Step 2: Domain Promotion

  • Follows this Guide
  • NOTE: Be sure that AD Tools is installed in the optional features.
    • Otherwise you will not be able to add users.
    • The old add users from control panel approach does not work on domain configurations
    • also be sure the local computer name is set. Windows won’t tell you this in advance, but you can not change it later.
  • You will need to create a security certificate
  • domain set to CajalDomain.local
  • NETBOIS name set to Cajal0 (can’t be same as local name)

Step 3: Install Remote Desktop Software and Add Licenses

  • Follow this Guide
  • self signed certiicate name: Cajal.CajalDomain.local
  • store the certificate: Users\Aministrator\Documents\CAJAL.cer
  • In the Add Groups prompt, be sure to Add “Domain Users”. I think it is a good idea to also add “Domain Admins” and “Domain Computers”
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