Thursday 04/10/14

10:15a – 11:00p

Presentation Prep

  • XZ wants to meet at 3P, need to make slides (for project 2)
  • see more project 2 protected notes.

Troubleshooting stains

  • sample E03 (previously stained beautifully) failed to work on new cells.
  • Not a simple omission of something in sample prep.
  • Old C01 stains look great. Not a buffer issue or other microscope issue.

New stains

  • old cells (previously stained with C08, dim stain, should also washout during hybe). Stain with C1, 1.5 uL.
  • new cells + RNase, Stain with C1 1.5 uL
  • new cells – RNase, Stain with C1 1.5 uL
  • dilute everything in old “hybe mix” (same buffer, different aliquot than used yesterday).
  • prehybe in new 2X SCCT + 50% formamide made yesterday.
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