Thusday 07/03/14

9:50 am – 7:30 pm


  • found and fixed bug in ClusterStats.m

Sequential hybes

  • blead-back in of probe signal: probably a sign of not sufficiently sealed chamber. Try air drying sample and then sealing really tight.
  • hybe2 stain initially very bright
  • hybe2 not very strong at all in previously imaged loci — 405 damage to existing probes?
  • non-imaged loci give much better stains
  • it does seem the conventional images are still substantially dimmer than they started out. Maybe we should turn off the heater after the hybe
  • rehybing probe 2 to confirm this difference.
  • need to make more STORM buffer

New stains

  • repeat BXC + F06

STORM analysis

  • start CC analysis of C09 (eve locus). Looks beautiful.
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