Sunday 08/03/14

10:15 am – 8:00 pm

Probe making

  • out of RNasin, out of Maxima, not able to proceed with probe making.
  • really need to have back ups of these.


  • started to write SteveMosaicViewer GUI
  • drag and drop of a mosaic file will create run ConvertStv2Mat if needed and create a stvfile global that can be loaded
  • rest of render still needs work
  • fixing issues with Mosaic tiling x,y definitions, transposes etc.
  • odd issue with tiling: overlapping info:



  • imaging E06 E07 two color
  • same buffer as yesterday: 1.5 uL BME, 2.5 uL MEA, 5 uL COT, 10 uL GLOX, 500 uL im buffer with glucose.
  • spots look pretty good.
  • mosaic scanned using 647 channel.
  • now recording channel in filename

New Stains

  • (.5 uL of secondary and 2 uL of primary each)
  • L2 F01-P3-A750 + F02-P2-A647
  • L2 F03-P3-A750 + F02-P2-A647
  • L2 F05 + F06
  • L3 E08 + E09
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