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Microscope control software:

Tools for STORM analysis in Matlab:

General Matlab Functions:


Semi-automated processing for fluorescent in situ hybridization microscopy:

Boettiger, A. N., Levine, M. (2013) Rapid Transcription Fosters Coordinate snail Expression in the Drosophila Embryo. Cell Reports  3, 8–15. MatlabCode.

Perry MW*, Boettiger AN*, Bothma JP, Levine M (2010) Shadow Enhancers Foster Robustness of Drosophila Gastrulation. Current Biology  20: 1562-7. *equal contribution.  MatlabCode.

Perry M. W., Boettiger A. N., Levine M.  (2011)  Shadow Enhancers Ensure Precision of Gap Gene Expression Patterns in the Drosophila Embryo.  PNAS.  108(33):13570-5. MatlabCode.

Boettiger AN, Levine M.  (2009) Synchronous and stochastic patterns of gene activation in the early Drosophila embryo. Science. 325:471-3.  MatlabCode.

Modeling code:

Boettiger AN*, Ralph PL*, Evans SN*. (2011) Transcriptional regulation: Effects of promoter proximal pausing on speed, synchrony and reliability.  PLoS Computational Biology.   *equal contribution.   Markov Models Toolbox

Boettiger AN*, Wittemyer G*, Starfield R, Volrath F, Douglas-Hamilton I, Getz WM. (2011) Inferring ecological and behavioral drivers of African elephant movement using a linear filtering approach.  Ecology. *equal contribution.  Signal Processing Code to find Environmental Drivers of Movement Behavior


Open Source Projects:

Ongoing projects and some updated versions of previously published code have open source repositories on my Github page.

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