Thursday 09/18/16

9:30 am – 9:00 pm


  • reply to MIT IMES / Physics
  • reply to Caltech
  • submit patent signatures
  • Discussion with Hsuan – microscopes and plans
  • Discussion with BB
    • using common label as a fiducial for XYZ corrections
    • validate if I have a Cy3 common for STORM activation on L7 – yes arrived today.
    • parts not all here for flow system: waiting for needles and power-supplies (Hamilton not stock power supply, ordered from Amazon).
    • need more scope time for experiments.
    • test brightness on current data

Still to do

  • NEBSB abstract?


  • final debugging of library building code in test mode.
  • annotating code
  • push back to repo
  • test JM’s code scripts
    • error on read info file — bin files found but inf files not bound
    • line 33 of analysis_script calls parameters.codebook, but parameters.codebook is not defined.
    • Changing this to parameters.codebookPath (defined on the previous line), lets the CodebookToMap function run.

Scope building

New quotes

  • AOTF
  • Quadview
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