Thursday, 03/24/16

9:00 am – 8:40 pm

Fluid control


  • fluid control system from STORM1
  • need drivers for the usb-to-serial connection to the peristaltic pump
  • switching to a new usb-to-serial hub didn’t work (windows recognizes, kilroy fails communication)
  • eventually found, downloaded and installed correct drivers. Kilroy works now.
  • updated shortcuts on desktop – Andor is now hal-storm2 (not hal.bat).

observations from bit 1

  • (staining L8, using 20mers)
  • old settings file don’t display well with new Hal configurations (though they do run).
  • first toe-hold removal looks great.
  • ran flow system. bit 2 looks better than bit 1 did.
  • set up O/N run with flow system for bits 1-8.
  • attempting to do 50 step z-scans using quadview image at all positions.
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