Tuesday 04/19/11

9:30 A – 4:00 P, 7:50P – 11:15 P

  • Getting supplies for Blair’s post-Qual party
  • Flip collection plates 10A.
  • Test gel of PCR amplification of plasmid DNA (using just DNA pricks, no pipetting). ┬áMost look good, proceed to probe synthesis.
  • Qual party for Blair
  • Submit NSF activities report.
  • Submit request to use published material in thesis to Dean’s office.
  • Analyze MP01 and MP02 processed data (see post)
  • Add bootstrap error bar finding code (bserr.m) to GenCode folder.
  • Expand 6x and 1x bcd fly lines and MP08,sna[D] line (for unused collection plates).
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