Progress Report 06/27/11

Progress Report

Top Findings:
1. Effect of bcd does on hb expression:
6x bcd have peak hb levels similar to 2x bcd, 1x bcd are close but a little less hb and more variable between embryos.
2. hb-BAC minus shadow produces substantially less yellow-reporter transcript than control BACs.  [Also more variable].
3. sna-BAC minus shadow accumulates substantially less sna mRNA in the deletion background (1/3rd or less than edongenous levels).  Also more variable.

1. mRNA counting in snail rescues with primary deleted (need more images)
2. mRNA counting in snail rescues with unmodified BAC (need more images)
3. Total mRNA in paused / unpaused genes
I have just made new exonic probes for sog, ths, tup, and pnr.  If they are working well I can do the total mRNA comparisons for each of these (and Jacques/Mounia can do some of these will yellow and their promoter swaps).

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