Tuesday 07/12/11

8:15 A —

  • tried high threshold on high consecutive layers for MP06 counts, need to repeat with standard trial set of inputs.
  • Rewriting hb-curve plotting to compute means of multiple gradients (using interp1 so curves can be matched on x-axis). ¬†Should adapt to snail plotting too.
  • Also added apply sigmoid fit to look at data.
  • Modified fxn_fit_sigmoid to allow the user to pin certain parameters if desired (all using the same fxn as the 4 parameter fit version).
  • Confocal ON: MP10b focus on cc13 and cc13-14 transition. ¬†14 embryos setup, running at 10P.
  • Rerunning analysis on Espl and wt cell width counting data. Need to make figure.
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