Wednesday 07/20/11

9:00 A – 3:45 P, 8:00P – 9:50P, 10:50P – 11:45P

  • Finish ON confocal of MP08Hz_snaD_b rescues
  • ON dotfinding of MP12Hz_snaD was computed on single channel only. Need to repeat.
  • Write to Banff participants about carpool (Mary, Gregor, Narendra, Brian).  Need to book tickets.
  • Write to Xiaowei about fellowships.
  • Odd NaN error in DotFinder running on MP12Hz data — results from blank channel / no dots.  Only plotting z-profile creates error.
  • Curate s07_MP06Hz_b and _c data (check individual slices).
  • Two threshold hypothesis for snail.
  • Imaging sna2.8 30C hets for sim evidence of sim bistable boundary
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