Monday 07/25/11

9:00 A – 7:15 P, 8:00 P – 9:45 P

  • Playing with fonts and table layout for website — export from Word .htm doesn’t work well, export from OpenOffice is simpler but not all elements work for pasting into wordpress as html.
  • Imviewer and nucseg: MP06_cflip and MP07Hz_b.
  • Dot_counting MP06_cflip and MP07Hz_b.
  • MP07Hz_b somewhat weak exposure, should have used high gain? ¬†Still have 16bit-depth to play with, we’ll see how it measures out.
  • imviewer sna2p8_30C gastrulating embryos, looking at sim borders
  • moved MP07Hz raw data into common 2011-04_and_earlier folder.
  • create lists of 100 slides for slideboxes.
  • confocal MP10Hz (5/22/11)
  • Analyzing cc14 snail rescue data (matching cell cycle is important for combined analysis!) ¬†See post for results.
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