Thursday 01-19-11

10:30A -8:00P

  • in situs day 3 with KE
  • working on snail paper figures
  • STORM labeling antibodies: see STORM_dyes.
  • attempted direct labeling of primary H3K27me3 with 750 and H3K27ac with 647.  essentially no dye sticks.  Try to repeat with diluted antibodies
  • Meeting with NF discuss Polycomb.
  • Research proposal sent to dad and NF for feedback.
  • 3D imaging of individual nuclei with Matlab and Fiji.
  • Day 3 in situs with KE, mount embryos.  (20 min SM labeling followed by 10 min wash and quick rinse).  Remaining embryos at 4C O/N.
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