Tuesday 2/14/12

10:00A  — 12:20 A 
  • Flip fly cage, 10:00A
  • confocal imaging of H2 (multi histone stains, slide 70) embryos to cut.
  • Mark region imaged by confocal using dissecting scope in CBI.
  • confocal images of S6, S7, H3, sections marked, thin-sectioned onto slides.
  • confocal imaging of PcG during mitosis.
  • fixed embryos 2.5-6.5 hrs.
  • 10′ minimal fix of embryos 4-7 hrs, stained with PcG antibodies O/N.
  • PcG antibodies: used original 1:200 dilutions (3rd round now) added 2.5 uL to each, approx ~1:100 dilution now.
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