Monday 05/28/12

10:40 A – 7:00P, 8:45P – 11:45 P

  • Flip fly bottles: Pc-GFP.  Now growing at 25C
  • Flip into single bottles for bottle stock: Pc-shRNA1 and 2, Psc-shRNA1,  Bcd-GFP, eve-GFP, en-GFP.  Pc-shRNA lines strongly female gender biased.
  • Primary stocks at 18C look fine.  Give another week or two before flipping
  • MP08 line completely dead (strongly male gender biased).  Also die as late pupae.
  • YW and MP09 bottles at 25C
  • interesting article on course on ‘biological dynamics’. Award winning essay in Science:  Complete with open access interactive textbook:
  • Carl on the impact of Science2.0
  • Literature review.
  • Development hiC in mouse and more ID of topological domains defined by insulators (Dixon 2012)
  • Working on snail dose figures (see post).  Sent to ML.
  • Found bug in AutoZcal /write_min_dax_ini_file call — user defined inputs were being overwritten.
  • substantially revised write_min_dax_ini_file to have more user defined inputs which are passed through the simple structure ‘pars’.  e.g.: pars.min_height.
  • Cleaned up routine previously covered by AutoZcal into core script AutoRun_beads_n_data.m, which calls subscripts: fxn_autoZcal  (which calls fxnZcal and revised write_min_dax_ini_file), fxn_run2Dbeads, fxn_Visbead_alignment, fxn_IRbead_alignment, and fxn_insightM.  These are bundled in subfolder movie2list.  See github repo for more info.
  • ML recombined paper themes.  see if we can sort this out by email.
  • troubleshooting error in revised auto-z-calibration script.
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