Wednesday 06/27/12

10:10 A – 11:00P

  • in situs day 3
  • washing out and post-fixing Pc labeled primaries
  • write to Nicole Follmer about antibodies
  • lit review: piRNA in C elegans multigenerational epigenetic memory.  LacR facilitated diffusion.  DNA sequence dependent compartmentalization and silencing an nuclear lamina.
  • Getting odd error in loading bin files in fxn_fit3Dbeads when called from parent fxn in movie2vectorSTORM.  When run independently from the function after error it runs fine.
  • writing snail bistability manuscript — new theme on mechanisms of transcription from single cell studies.  Reread literature on smFISH.  Provide short review of current models of different transcriptional modes.
  • Raj 2010 C elegans CoVs are only for end-1 and only computed between 2 cells.  Not very robust. Using Shalev’s mouse intenstine data instead — many more genes, higher CoVs (.6 to 4).
  • Modified script to deal with errors in list reading without having to re-run list writing.
  • froze and cleaned old yw and Pc-GFP cages.
  •  antibodies to label: dk a-shp Cy3B.   dk a-m Atto488  (with new R&D antibodies: dk a-m 750, dk a-rb 750
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