Monday 08/06/12

9:45 A – 5:00P, 10:00P – 12:25A

  • Finish O/N confocal run of slide 3 (Tub + Antp)
  • Copying data from Alistair6 to Alistair5
  • Lab meeting (Wenqin)
  • Troubleshooting issue with Steve output – not perfect linear relation between microns and pixel measurements.
  • Analyzing snail promoter data (see post).
  • resend message to Mike about kinetics paper.   Proposed new title.
  • Working on fit-beads to color different rounds of bead sets differently.
  • Running data analysis on hox loci STORM data from 8/4 and 8/5
  • Tuck is throwing errors when trying to run insightM from Monet//Alistair6 at final data writing step.  Attempting Insight Micro.  Also gives same error.
  • Try non-3D (many fewer beads being found by 3D).
  • ML promises paper feedback by tomorrow.
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