Wednesday 08/07/12

9:50 A – 6:55P

  • STORM4 run on slide 3b still going.
  • tweak to make outside borders as sharp as internal borders in snail code.  Might need to make more repressor cells in simulation.
  • shoot new z-calibration movies in 4 channels with 1:25,000 beads.
  • make new bead slide at 1:18,000 IR 1.5:18,000 Vis beads.  Shoot bead movie and z-calibration.
  • chromatic 3D bead calibration movie.
  • Schedule time for 780 training: 9A next week.
  • Reread Mike’s edits on revised kinetics paper.  Revise figure labels and citation format.  Send back to Mike for final approval.
  • Write new function in movie2vectorSTORM: merge all convectional images
  • running analysis on 08-04-12 data.
  • Discussion with Mounia (see email)
  • Jeff thinks we can back-hack bin2matfast to export bin files.
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