Wednesday 08/15/12

9:45 A – 6:50P, 8:00P – 11:20PM

  • Finish O/N confocal run on slide m105, save data
  • running simulation on full size embryo of snail promoter mutants.  Strong preference for patches.  Earlier activation of repressors supports conditions that create broader snail patches (when theshold for repression of snail is increased to compensate).
  • easily create wide sharp very reproducible expression domains with very weak cooperativity (n=3 at current).  Should try dose compensation and such in these conditions.
  • snail simulations: lower threshold for repression determines which repressor can invade the other territory.
  • Need better way to document changing conditions and results of each perturbation.
  • Confirm good convergence of z-calibration on sparser bead fields (1:18,000 dilution).  STORM4 should have a separate set of starting parameters, defaults used from STORM2 not very good.
  • Running Insight on STORM4 data from 2012-08-13 O/N run.
  • Collect virgin 3xMG4, 11A.  keeping at room temp.
  • Review literature from Google reader
  • Fixed remote connect error to Cajal and Monet: need to set security (under edit connection, advanced) to RDP.
  • Get slide labels from Mounia to prioritize imaging.
  • Cajal fails to run InsightM on data from Alistair5.  Runs fine from Alistair6.  Alistair5 experiencing very slow read/write speeds trying to run InsightM locally on Monet.  retasked to Cajal (all processors and all memory open at the moment).  Using 10 cores.
  • Analyzing Ubx data from S5 2012-08-04.  see post.
  • Analyzing Tub data from S3b 2012-08-07. see post2.
  • Cut section of in situ 7 from 6/25 in situs: AbdA-dig, AbdB-bio, 1 nice full length ribbon, + 2 more coverslips of more fragmented or curving ribbons.
  • Collect phenotypic virgins, 11PM.  Move cages back to 17C.
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